If you’ve been looking for a low entry cost business, with no franchise fees and great potential profits, you’ve just found it.  The trash bin cleaning business offers you a low cost business where every household in your area is a potential customer.  This is a simple business idea that requires nothing more than hard work and the right equipment – but offers a good profit for your efforts.


There are millions of standardized waste bins in North America.  Each household on average has 3 bins, a garbage bin, recycling bin, yard waste and/or an organics bin.  With the rise of separating food waste for composting and recycling, most households now have several garbage bins and they are filthier than ever.

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A dirty waste bin is probably the single most unhygienic item in any home.  And, it’s one of those jobs that all of us know we should do; but rarely, if ever, get around to doing.  So therefore, there’s a great demand to have a bin cleaning company get the dirty job done regularly for a modest cost.

Cleaning businesses in general have a great upside, you can build a profitable business that will generate revenue very quickly.

Another positive aspect of the trash bin cleaning industry is that because it’s so new, you will most likely be able to find an area close to you where no one else is servicing.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get into a business on the ground floor.  Knowing where your customers are is a huge benefit.  This makes marketing to them much easier.  Allowing you to be very targeted into prime locations.

You'll invest far less money operating as an independent trash bin cleaning business than as part of a franchise. Also, as an independent, you're not tied to any pre-established formulas for concept, name, services offered etc.

You’ll need capital for a vehicle or trailer, bin cleaning equipment, advertising literature, and website.  Once you’ve paid your initial start up costs, there are very low overheads, especially if you do the cleaning yourself.

work hours can be tailored to suit your lifestyle!

family relaxing together parents with children freedomWith no weekend work, you can basically work the hours you choose to suit your lifestyle and income requirements.  This business can easily be structured around your family.  You can still spend the quality time with family and be able to take the kids to school, all while still earning a good income.  Trash bin cleaning service businesses can be operated on either a part-time or full-time basis, from home or from a commercial location.  Trash bin cleaning services are an excellent home based business.  Your customers will likely never come to your office since all your work is done on their premises.

The trash bin cleaning business is not a high-tech business.  However, you can use technology to your advantage to help run your business.  For example, having a website where people can easily order service and being able to pick up new customers while working on route using a point of sale terminal on your phone.

Marketing your business can be done a few ways but should include ‘bin tagging’.  You go into neighborhoods and attach your promotional material to the bins.

Beyond actually being able to do the work, a trash bin cleaning business owner needs some basic business skills. You need to understand the administrative requirements of running a company, and you should be able to manage your time efficiently.

To make the business work requires your determination, willingness to please the customers and the ability to provide a thorough cleaning job.

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This is an industry in its infancy and on the move. Why not explore the possibilities?

In the last 10 years most communities have changed over to the standardized waste bins for garbage, recycling, yard waste and composting.  There are even more changes on the way.

In order to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills, separating and collecting organic waste (such as food scraps and yard waste) is quickly becoming an even bigger deal.  San Francisco, and several other communities throughout the US, are having great success with both mandatory and voluntary composting. 

More and more communities will make collecting organics mandatory in order to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.  Organic material is collected in the yard waste bin or in an organics bin.  It is then taken to a central composting station where it is composted at an accelerated rate.  This compost material is then sold locally to growers and landscapers.

The only down side to organic composting is that the containers get very dirty.  Raw scraps of food are sitting (for up to a week at a time) in direct contact with the waste bin.  Frequent and thorough cleaning is the only remedy.  This is a significant opportunity for the trash bin cleaning entrepreneur.

What Makes The Bin Washing Business So Great

  • green checkmark bin cleaning garbage businessThe cost to the consumer is low while the results produce tangible satisfaction
  • green checkmark bin cleaning garbage businessYou're offering to do a job that no one likes to do themselves
  • green checkmark bin cleaning garbage businessThe business can be structured around your home & family life
  • green checkmark bin cleaning garbage businessNo weekend work
  • green checkmark bin cleaning garbage businessEveryone who has bins is a potential customer
  • green checkmark bin cleaning garbage businessLow start up cost
  • green checkmark bin cleaning garbage businessThis is a business that produces reoccurring revenue
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Potential Earnings

business opportunity revenue home based businessMost trash bin cleaning businesses offer a variety of service levels.  The most common of these are a one time cleaning, a monthly service, and a bi-monthly service.  Average prices per can for a one time cleaning range from $20-$30, while monthly services range from $8-$12 per can, and a bi-monthly service averages $12-$15 per can.

The chart below shows some examples of potential annual income for a monthly service, based on working 12 months of the year.  Depending on the weather and your location, you may opt for a 10, or even 9 month work season.

Cleans Per Day Average Price Per Clean Weekly Income Annual Income
10 $10 $500 $26,000
20 $10 $1000 $52,000
30 $10 $1500 $78,000
50 $10 $2500 $130,000
75 $10 $3750 $195,000
100 $10 $5000 $260,000