Modular Trash bin cleaning equipment for sale.


With Bin Wash Systems Wash Bay & Hydraulic Bin Lifter you now have the option of building your own bin cleaning truck or trailer in a very cost effective way. The modular design makes it easy to install on a truck or trailer.


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Easy Operation

Simply roll a trash bin up to the stainless steel bin lifting arms, press a button and the trash bin is locked into position.  Press another button and the trash bin is lifted into the cleaning position inside the wash bay.  Open one of the high-pressure water valves to wash the trash bin.  All waste water is captured and returned to the waste water tank. Another press of the button and the bin is returned to the operator.


 Versatile: You choose the other equipment you want to use. You can tailor your setup to to meet your budget and other uses you may decide to use the equipment for.  Size: Easily mounts in a truck or trailer. The compact size give you the option of putting together a compact bin cleaning unit to keep your startup costs low.  Easy Hookup: The centralized hookup on the back of the wash bay makes it easy to connect your water and electric to the system and be up and running quickly. Design: Designed for easy do it yourself installation, just hook it up and go to work. 

Take Advantage of a Low Cost Solution to get into the bin cleaning Industry

The complete ready to go trash bin cleaning trucks and trailers being sold in the market today are expensive and look very complicated. The fact of the matter is there are very few components to them. The additional equipment you need to build a complete bin cleaning system is available locally in your area and online. You choose what equipment you want to plug into our trash bin cleaning system. That lets you tailor your set up to meet both your budget and performance requirements.  You only need three pieces of equipment to complete your trash bin cleaning system.
build your own trash bin cleaner, truck or trailer mount with Bin Wash Systems.
Centralized Hook Up: There are 3 hookup connections on the rear of the wash bay. 1. the pressure washer connects to a high pressure quick connect. 2. 12-Volt battery hooks up to the battery posts 3. the wastewater outlet is a simple slide on fitting.
Bin Lifter: The high speed hydraulic bin lifter with 4 button remote controller lifts the bins up into the wash position and lowers them back to the ground. Wash Bay: The aluminum wash bay captures the wastewater from cleaning the bins. 3 Wastewater Filters: the filters remove any waste collected during the washing of the bins. Wastewater Pump:12-Volt high volume pump quickly removes the water from the wash bay into your water tank. Hand Spray Wand: the hand spray wand is used to clean the outside of the bins. Bolondi Cleaning Head: the high-speed 360-degree Bolondi spray head is the industry standard in cleaning heads.

Bin Wash Systems makes putting together your own bin cleaning truck or trailer a simple and practical do it yourself project.

   Build your own trash bin cleaning truck or trailer



Advantages of Building Your Own Trash Bin Cleaning System

If you look around on YouTube, you’ll see that people are cleaning trash bins with all sorts of different equipment. Trucks and trailers, big and small, some using cold water, others hot water, they are all getting the job done. And, they are all getting paid the same for a trash bin cleaning.

Customers are not going to pay more to have their garbage cans cleaned because you paid more for your bin cleaning equipment. Like everything else they are going to buy from whoever will do a good job for the most reasonable price.

The lower you can keep your costs the faster you’ll be making money. If you keep your bin cleaner equipment cost low, you’ll have more flexibility on the prices you can charge which lets you stay competitive as the market grows and more people get into the business.

The most important thing is to get into this industry and start working your area so as the demand continues to grow you are already ahead of the pack. Remember, we’re cleaning garbage cans you don’t have to have the biggest fanciest most expensive rig on the road to be successful. In fact, you’ll be more successful the lower you can keep your costs!

Bonus Business Opportunities 

*Power Washing   *Surface Cleaning    *House Washing   *Dumpster Cleaning

Trash Bin Cleaners are extremely versatile units, the pressure washers can be used to generate additional sources of revenue from both residential and commercial jobs. There are many opportunities to make additional revenue using the equipment you have. Specialty jobs can be done by purchasing additional pieces of equipment that will work in conjunction with your pressure washer. You don't need an 80k - 90k unit to offer these services.


A low cost way to build your own trash bin cleaning trailer or truck using the Bin Wash System.

Build your own low cost garbage can cleaning truck or trailer with Bin Wash Systems

Bin Wash System Spec Sheet $19,899

How to build your own trash bin cleaning truck or trailer with Bin Wash Systems



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