Bin Wash Systems - Trash Bin Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer

Low Cost Trash bin Cleaning Equipment - Build your own bin cleaning truck or trailer


Bin Wash Systems manufactures trash bin cleaning equipment. Our modular design makes it easy for you to build your own trash bin cleaning truck or trailer.  Now that you can buy just the Wash Bay & Hydraulic Bin Lifter, putting the rest of a trash bin cleaner together is an easy and affordable, do it yourself job. The other equipment you’ll need is available locally and online. The Wash Bay & Hydraulic Lifter come assembled and ready for you to plug into and be up and running quickly. You can tailor your bin cleaning vehicle to meet both your budget and performance preferences. When you decide to build your own bin cleaning system you can add any additional equipment you may want to use for other jobs such as cleaning dumpsters or pressure washing. You get to build exactly what works best for you. Bin Wash Systems is the low-cost way to start your bin cleaning business. Our trash bin cleaning equipment is reliable, versatile and affordable.  Available in USA & Canada.


Bin Wash Systems - Modular Trash Bin Cleaning Equipment - Video