Answers to common questions when shopping for trash bin cleaning equipment. 




How long does it take to clean a bin? 

Assuming you use one of the industry standard Bolondi cleaning heads, along with the recommended 4 or 5 GPM with hot water. On average a first-time clean will take about 30 seconds, a maintenance clean averages 7 seconds and uses less than a gallon of water.

What size truck or trailer do I need?

You can build a bin washing system into an 8-ft. box of a pickup truck. A common arrangement is to put the system on a small flatbed truck, that will give you more space for 2 water tanks and all your equipment. For trailers, most people use a 5 x 12 ft. tandem axel trailer.

What Gross Vehicle Weight Rating do I need?

To figure that out, simply add up the weight of the bin wash system, your pressure washer and water tank weight. Water weighs 8.3 lbs. per gallon.  The water weight is the heaviest part.




Where do I dump the waste water?

 You can dump the waste water at any dump station, these are the same dump stations that RV’s use. You’ll find them at gas stations and other places that RV’s frequent. Some dump stations are free and some charge a small fee, others are free if you buy your fuel from them. An easy way To Find dump stations nearby is by going to

Where do I fill up with water?

Contact your city public works department to find out where the bulk water stations are located. You’ll fill up at the same places the commercial water trucks fill with water. This makes filling your water tank fast, easy, and inexpensive.

Should I use a 1 or 2 water tank set up?

when it comes to deciding between using one or two water tanks, you need to think aoubt what would fit best with your set up and what your preference is. Both ways work just fine.

Our bin wash system is designed to work either way.

A one water tank set up can be a great option for a pickup truck or any other more compact set up.   With one water tank you’ll be reusing your water throughout the day. You’ll still want to dump your water at the end of the day and start each day with fresh water.

 Using two water tanks gives you a tank for clean water and another tank for waste water. With two tanks, you are always cleaning with fresh water.



Can I reuse the water?

Yes, however the water must be filtered before you can use it again.

Do I need to use chemicals or detergents to clean the bins?

No, if you have a hot water pressure washer.  The hot water will clean the bins and kill bacteria, leaving the bins clean and scent free. Of course, you can use a detergent if you choose to. Just make sure you use one that is non-sudsing. If you don’t you’ll have a great video for YouTube.

Can I clean dumpsters?

 Yes.  You may require some additional equipment to do it efficiently. 

Can I use my own pressure washer? 

Yes. You don’t have to buy the pressure washer from us. However, we do recommend that you use a pressure washer with at least 4 GPM and hot water.

Can I do other pressure washing jobs with the equipment?

Yes. There are many jobs you can do with your pressure washing equipment. Dumpster pads, dumpsters, driveways, fences, sidewalks and decks are a few examples of the other types of jobs you can do with your equipment.



These are frequently asked questions that only you can answer, we’ll give you the info you need so you can answer them.

how many bins can I clean in a day, or in an hour?

The machine will clean as many bins as you want to clean in a day. It largely depends on how many hours you run the machine for.  Some variables you may want to consider, how close together your customers are, what the drive time is on your route, how many hours are you going to work? 

How many bins can I clean with one tank of water?

This will depend on the size of the water tank you are using.   

What size water tanks should I use?  

The size of your water tank will be determined by how much water your truck or trailer is able to carry. The bigger the water tank the more cans you can clean before having to refill.

 Trash Bin Cleaning Equipment. Affordable. Reliable. Versatile.

Bin Wash Systems makes putting together you own bin cleaning truck or trailer an easy do it yourself project that’s affordable.

We provide unlimited support throughout your build. Access to our experience and help is only a phone call away. 

At Bin Wash Systems, we believe that the best way to be successful in the bin cleaning business is a strategy that keeps your costs low.


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