Start Bin Cleaning For Less  - Low Cost Trash Bin Cleaning Equipment 

The trash bin cleaning business is still a new industry in North America but has been a popular business in Europe for well over 15 years. In Europe wheelie bin cleaning has become a regular service that is now considered a necessity.  The trash bin cleaning business in North America is still in the early growth phase with lots of opportunity available to entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a business that has little to no competition.

Here’s a list of equipment you would need to build a trash bin cleaning machine along with the approximate low end cost for each part. Should you decide to purchase any used equipment or already own some of the items on the list your overall cost would be considerably lower. 


                 $999.00 +       Power Washer (cold water) Hot water would be 5-6k

                 $150.00 +      Water Tanks

                 $200.00 +       12 Volt Battery  

       Bin Wash System $19,899.


Bin Wash Systems Wash Bay & Hydraulic Lifter make it possible for you to put together your own trash bin cleaning vehicle at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing a system from a manufacturer that sells only complete bin washing models.  

Here are some good sites to visit to continue researching the different pieces of equipment and the associated costs as well as all the different configurations available.

Pressure Washers Direct This is a great site to compare pressure washers, they have a huge selection and good pricing.

Check out The Tank Depot . Looking for a certain size or shape water tank for your trash bin cleaning system.  No problem, with all the different shapes and sizes that are available, you can find exactly what you need to fit into your trailer or truck set up. Another good site to check out for water tanks is Plastic Mart.  

What you need to build your own trash bin cleaning truck or trailer.


As you can see there are many equipment options available to build your own low cost trash bin cleaning machine.  There are many different configurations that will work and get the job done. It's just a matter of finding the right combination that suits your budget and performance requirements.  The most important thing is to get into this growing industry any way you can.  Remember, If you spend $20,000 or $90,000 for your bin cleaning equipment you are still going to get paid the same from the customers that want their garbage cans cleaned. They don't care how much your trash bin cleaning equipment costs, they just want clean garbage bins that don't smell.  As far as there concerned the cheaper price you can charge them the better!





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