Looking For a Great New Business Opportunity?

Are you looking for a exciting new business opportunity with low entry costs, the potential for great profits, and no franchise fees? Well, then you've come to the right place.

With every household in your area a potential customer, the bin cleaning business offers a great opportunity. Yes, it may be a simple idea, but with the right equipment and some hard work, this business offers good profit for your efforts.

Millions of standardized bins exist in America and Canada, with the average household having 3 of these bins. Now, with the rise of separating food waste for recycling and composting, and that we are keeping these bins for years on end, most of these homes have bins that are downright filthy. Since a dirty waste bin is one of the most unhygienic items in or around your home, it is something that we should be cleaning. The problem is, most of us rarely, if ever get around to doing it. This is why there is such a great demand for a bin cleaning company to get this dirty job done on a regular basis for a modest cost.

bin wash systems business opportunity cleaning cans

Easily build a profitable business that generates revenue quickly

Because the business is one that is so new, it is very likely that an area close to you that no one else is currently servicing. As you'll most likely be operating in your current town or city, you're going to be much more aware of where your potential customers are - making marketing to them much easier. 

Operating as an independent bin cleaning business (instead of a franchise), you'll be investing far less money. Yes, you'll need the capital for a vehicle or trailer, the equipment, advertising, and of course, your website.. but once you've paid the initial start up costs, there are very little in the way of overheads - especially if you do the actual job of cleaning yourself.

Usually, it takes about six months to build a customer base. These customers typically will want their bins cleaned each month. Once you have your established customers, you'll find lots of repeat business, and new customers finding you through existing ones.

Tailor The Work Hours To Suit Your Life

bin wash systems business opportunity cleaning family time

Hate working weekends? Still want to take the kids to school in the morning? This business can quite easily be structured around your home and family life. Imagine still being able to spend the quality time you want have with your family, all while sill earning a very good income. The bin cleaning business can be operated either on a part or full time basis, and can be operated either from a commercial location or from your home as well. In fact, it is an excellent home based business! Since you are servicing customers are on their premises, they'll likely never need to come to your office space. 

While the bin cleaning business is not very high-tech, you can use technology to your advantage. A great example of this is having website where people can order service and the flexibility of signing up new customers while out on the job (using a point of sale terminal on your phone or tablet). You will have to be sure to market your business within your community. Door to door canvassing is a simple and cost effective method for accomplishing this, but other options, like 'bin tagging' can be done as well. With bin tagging, you'll go into neighborhoods you'd like to reach, and attach promotional material to the bins so potential customers see this material when bringing their bins in.

In order to be successful in the bin cleaning business, you'll need more than just the ability to do the work. The business owner must understand the administrative needs of running a business, and you'll also need some great time management skills. In order to make this business successful, you'll need to be determined, be willing to please your customers, and be able to provide them with a thorough cleaning job.

This is an exciting new business industry, why not explore it?

Within the last decade, most municipalities have switched to a standardized can for their yard waste, recycling, composting and garbage. Guaranteed that there will be more changes coming.

We're all trying to reduce the amount of material that ends up in our landfills, so that is why separating out our organic waste (such as lawn clippings and food scraps) is becoming commonplace. Major metropolitan areas around the US (like San Francisco) are having huge successes with both mandatory and voluntary composting.

bin wash systems business opportunity cleaning cans

Since more and more communities are making collecting organics mandatory, there is a lot less waste going to landfills. This organic material is collected in the yard waste bin or in an organics bin, then taken to a central composting station. This compost material is then sold locally to growers and landscapers.

The only down side to organic composting is that the containers get very dirty. Raw food scraps are often sitting for up to a week at a time in direct contact with the waste bin. Frequent and thorough cleaning is the only fix. This is where the opportunity is for you, the bin cleaning entrepreneur


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